Making Improvements In My Life and Art

sheena 1Since January 2nd, I have been making great strides at trying to get my life back under control.  I began the year with a full round of whole30 and I felt amazing.  I quickly fell off of that wagon and have been eating more bad things than I should.  The only thing that has stuck is fitness.  I used to super physically fit and about 80 pounds lighter.  I’m trying to get back there.  However, I know that you cannot out train a bad diet.  I’m really trying hard to get back there.  It’s been hard.  You see, exercise is the easy part for me.  Food however is not. My body is getting  stronger and I am loving lifting heavier weights.  My journey to better health has lead me to lots of changes in my art.  I am seeing photographic inspiration everywhere and I am wanting to get out there and capture it all.  I am going to find new ways to capture the word and to expand my business and my brand.  With that being said, I am looking for models who are willing to sign a model’s release.  I cannot pay you at this time since I am a starving artist, but, you would get free images.  I have a lot of projects and series that i am working on and I would love to get myself back into some museum shows.  If you are interested please let me know.  I would love to talk to you and see if you will fit what I have in mind.


Getting Back To My Creative Side


It’s been a long time coming, but, I’m finally at a place where I am truly ready to express my creative side.  I miss the way I feel when I am in the moment taking pictures and exploring.  I’ve been going through a lot of old items in our move into our new house.  I forgot how creative I can be and how much I love it. Since I have a huge blank canvas of a wall, I decided that it would be a great place to show off some of the great work that I have done over the years. I truly miss showing my work, and immersing myself in my work.  I came across my art and design kit (it’s really a large tackle box) and I’m ready to create again.  I was never really good at the drawing.  But, design is something that I really excel at.  I love balance and symmetry, as well as an ecletic style.  I love to find ways for things to come together.  I also find that the non traditional photos are what I love best.  The photo above is one from a wedding I shot recently.  It is a happy accident, but, I couldn’t be more happy with it.  Also to the right are my art box, and my home photography exhibit wall.  There is a 5’x5′ area to the right that is empty that will be filled as soon as I print and hang more images.  I am loving the way my living room is coming together.  I am loving that I can exhibit my work even if it is not in a gallery.  I’m proud of each and every piece.

I have vowed over the next year to take photo road day trips and really get out there and create again.  Even if it is just landscapes and cityscapes, I am going to be fine with that.  I’m also going to start entering contests and trying to get my work exhibited again.  I would really love for this to happen.  I am not sure what happened but, my passion has been ignited again and, I need to do what I can to encourage this.

In my life lately, I have gone through a big phase of self realization.  I have too many people in my life who don’t put me as in the forefront as I put them.  I’m tired of being selfless to people who don’t share the same feelings for me.  Honestly, I have a lot of people who are only hanging around because I am so good to them. I am moving past bleeding myself dry with my selflessness and I am ridding myself of all the negative and brining in all the positive I can so that I can be truly happy.  I need this and my art needs this.




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Wedding of Breaz and Damien

It’s early in my photo editing, but, I had the pleasure of photographing Breaz and Damien this weekend with my good friend Liz Loewus. She is an amazing photographer and she brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to the table.  She is such an amazing friend to me.  Here is two of the many pics that I will post on the blog. We will talk more about my love of shallow depth of field and dead space, as well as my dive a little into the intro of where my I began to derive my photography style from. More Pics Coming Soon…



Hello.  To those of you who don’t know me.  I’m Kimmie G.  I’m an Accounting Coordinator by day.  With a degree in Photography.  I prefer to see my life through the lens.  I capture my life as much as I can in images. A historian of my own life, I see and live everything with a camera around my neck, or a iPhone in my hand.  I don’t want to miss anything.  I am a runner, or at least I try to be.  And I am living a constant weight loss lifestyle.  I am married. My husband has survived 8 brain surgeries which has left him with some paralysis on his left side.  But, he is a trooper and typically has a positive attitude through it all.  In photography, I specialize in Portraits, landscapes, and Wedding photography.  I want to capture the true person, so my portraits are a posed candid style.  I hope to give you guys an introduction into my world through images and writing  I hope that you enjoy the ride.