Making Improvements In My Life and Art

sheena 1Since January 2nd, I have been making great strides at trying to get my life back under control.  I began the year with a full round of whole30 and I felt amazing.  I quickly fell off of that wagon and have been eating more bad things than I should.  The only thing that has stuck is fitness.  I used to super physically fit and about 80 pounds lighter.  I’m trying to get back there.  However, I know that you cannot out train a bad diet.  I’m really trying hard to get back there.  It’s been hard.  You see, exercise is the easy part for me.  Food however is not. My body is getting  stronger and I am loving lifting heavier weights.  My journey to better health has lead me to lots of changes in my art.  I am seeing photographic inspiration everywhere and I am wanting to get out there and capture it all.  I am going to find new ways to capture the word and to expand my business and my brand.  With that being said, I am looking for models who are willing to sign a model’s release.  I cannot pay you at this time since I am a starving artist, but, you would get free images.  I have a lot of projects and series that i am working on and I would love to get myself back into some museum shows.  If you are interested please let me know.  I would love to talk to you and see if you will fit what I have in mind.